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Our Vision.

At the heart of the 415 Broadview development project is a community-building opportunity between LCH Developments, deCartier Developments and the Congregation of St. John's Presbyterian Church. 

Faced with an ageing building and a growing list of costly repairs, the congregation at St. John's began investigating options to keep their doors open. After over a year of research, the congregation sought out the assistance of a community-minded developer that would incorporate a place of worship and service within the re-developed church building. 

After several years of negotiation and study, us, as the developers, and the congregation, developed a win-win agreement that meets the Church's goal: stay and flourish as a congregation on Broadview Avenue for years to come. 

Inspired by a similar project called 'The Lucas' in Boston Massachusetts, we have retained the architects of that project, Finegold Alexander, to bring this unique vision to life.

We are currently proposing a modern 8-storey addition above the existing 2-storey heritage building. For more information on the application materials, visit the City of Toronto Development application database here.

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